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A Perch of Birds Podcast Interviews with People Pursuing Greatness

Podcast #1 in the Books

Nov 8, 2017

When you hear the word podcast what do you think? An interview? A talk show? When the idea of A Perch of Birds was coming to fruition it was an amazing thing as a concept. Simply we will get people to sit down with us and have a personal conversation about their passion, life, or art form. People will love it and we will be the podcast people want to listen to.

I am here to tell that you we were wrong. A podcast is more work than putting a mic in front of someone and having them speak about anything. There is a sacrifice involved when there is a constant lesson to be learned and a yearning to accomplish something great. There was quite the learning curve that we encountered and it was a challenge from the start.    

We believe that podcasting is going to be if not already a new form of media that people turn to for entertainment and education. There are some amazing people out there doing awesome things if only people knew about those people. Now they will. We want to succeed as podcast, as people, and thinkers of our generation.

Our motivation for APOB is truly inspiration. We are inspired by people and the great things that can be accomplished in this world. APOB wants to bring you these unique stories. Join us for the ride as we venture out into the podcast world pursuing the very greatness that we are happy to bring you through our podcast.