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Interviews with People Pursuing Greatness in Music, Health and Knowledge.

Mar 18, 2019

Another metal episode! Alex the vocalist and James the guitarist from Polyhedra an Albuquerque New Mexico based band kicking ass in the Metal world. They just released their EP self titled Polyhedra you can find on Spotify, Google Music, iTunes, and catch a free download of American Snuff on Make sure you reach out to these guys for tickets to their show April 15th in the links below.

- 2:00 Metal Influencers

- 7:00 Mic stand issues =)

- 8:00 Polyhedra EP

- 14:00 Recording futons, home studios & accountability

- 22:00 Lyrics and writing from the heart

- 23:00 **NEW SONG All American Snuff - Full Song**

- 25:00 Shoutout to local ABQ bands Desecrated Humanity, Aaralywn.

- 32:00 Vocal techniques

- 36:00 Guitar riffage

- 42:00 Mosh your problems away!

- 46:00 All ages show's

- 48:00 Touring - maybe?

- 51:30 Wall of Death

- 52:00 Where to find these guys and pickup tickets to shows

- 59:00 What are these guys listening to


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