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A Perch of Birds Podcast Interviews with People Pursuing Greatness

Apr 15, 2019

Rakim Thorpe and Devin Clarke are MMA fighters training out of Jacksons Wink professional MMA gym in Albuquerque New Mexico. Devin is a pro UFC fighter with a standing record of 9-3 fights this Saturday April 20th in Russia and Rakim just came off his latest win with a record of 6-3. We talk what it takes to be a...

Apr 1, 2019

Hardcore Keem joins us on episode #38. This monster is a Youtube juggernaut who creates reaction videos of music and music videos of Metal bands with a lean towards Metal Core. We dish on Keems rise to YouTube stardom, his videos, his taste in music, his family and his brands future. We even have a lightning round of...