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Mar 9, 2018

Did you ever think that you could meet in a digital world with someone from across the country? Wonder no more A Perch of Birds has brought you a one of a kind virtual reality podcast with Elbert Perez from Doghead Simulations. Using Rumii a virtual reality meeting software, we were able to conduct a podcast using HTC Vives in a digital environment with avatars several states away. We are on location at Hinkle Family Fun Center a staple amongst natives from Albuquerque,NM. Diving into the digital world we test the limits of Elbert’s VR platform as we explore all of the possibilities of a unique VR podcast. Join us in a very unique experience  and of course don't miss the full length podcast shot in Rumii on YouTube. You can find out more about Elbert and Rumii:

Doghead Simulations:

Hinkle Family Fun Center:

Our YouTube: